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    Hello lovelies,


    Thank you so much for coming to purchase my mythical zodiac Goddess wisdoms 2021 Calendar! It is so so so appreciated. 


    The calendar is £35 but check out my instagram for huge discount codes, new ones each day! The price goes up as I reveal more of the calendar. 


    The calendar will be a high quality A3 calendar (297mm x 420mm). 


    10% of all donations will go to Bloody Good Period


    I love everything zodiac and Greek mythology and also enjoy a good quote so decided to combine the 3. I would focus on an aspect of each sign, create a quote based on that aspect that I would personally like to have as a reminder in every day life and then find a Greek myth or Greek mythical figure that related to that quote to provide the inspiration for the visual. I put my heart and soul adn mind into this!  


    I will include short audio clips where I’ll discuss the art, the myths and the aspects of the zodiac signs I chose to focus on as well as my thoughts along the way. I am currently trying to work in an Augmented reality option where you could hold the phone over the image and it will play the clip, but bear with me, that may or may not happen. 


    I will gauge numbers to print in the next couple of weeks, get them printed and shipped to me and then I am aiming to ship these calendars on the 24th October, in order to miss the Christmas rush. I have been warned there are serious delays to the US and I can only apologise for that - another reason I'm shipping these early. 


    Calendar shipping costs:

    £3 UK - 2nd class

    £7.25 -  Europe

    £14 - rest of the world


    If all sounds good to you I look forward to your order! <3