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The surroundings you work in influence your mood, so create one with me that can boost your employees' spirits, inspire creativity and bring some life into the workplace


Mural Art Hazel Mead Illustration illustrator office mural

JeJoue's Sensual Paradise for Office Wall

I pitched a sensual fantasy dreamscape with calming dreamy waters, sun and palm trees for the employees of the sex toy company to gaze at, especially in the heart of urban London. It features people enjoying the company's toys, each other’s company and a colour scheme that calms and soothes.  

The Process...

Photography by Tayo Adekunle 


SOAS University Interactive Mural

An example of an interactive mural I created for SOAS student union, commissioned by Gabby Edlin. A simple tree design, to be used as part of a project with the students adding their ideas on leaf-shaped post-it notes. 

SOAS tree murals.jpg

If you are interested (especially if you’re London/England-based), please get in touch at with an idea of your space, company and what you might like. I will be happy to talk through deadlines, costings and of course ideas - ideas are where I come alive and coming up with perfect art pieces that suit the client and the space is a personal joy. 

The fee will take into account complexity, scale, where the art will be, size of client, materials, design time, painting time, edits. 

I can't wait to create something special with you!

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