As the featured artist for the period exhibition in the Vagina Museum in Camden,

created 3 new pieces plus resin sculptures. A proud moment for me. 

Period Bingo.jpg

1. Period Bingo - has a humorous tone and is a conversation starter for the bold. I envisage people hanging this print in their bathrooms to give guests something to read while on the toilet.

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Period Pantones.jpg

2. Period Pantones - Period Pantones was created in response to a campaign that showed period blood as being one shade of red. A bold campaign, but I wanted to take it further, instead showing a variety of menstrual blood colours. I also love the idea of people seeing the nice print from afar and on closer inspection realising the names are period euphemisms.

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Period Timeline.jpg
Period timeline1.jpg
Period timeline2.jpg
Period timeline3.jpg
Period timeline4.jpg
Period timeline5.jpg

3. Period Timeline - ‘A brief history of periods’ was created after realising there was so much amazing fun facts about periods throughout time - I thought it would be a great educational resource, yet full of fun “Did you know?” facts and a reminder of the exhibition. I must add a huge thanks to Sarah Creed for helping with the historical accuracy and many of the ideas for this print!

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4. Limited Edition Resin Glitter Menstrual Cups - This was a fun idea that I had and had to make a reality! My lovely partner Ryszard helped me to bring them into existence through his logical thinking! Edition of 24, either red heart glitter (Bleeding Love) or red fine glitter (Period Pride).

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