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Period Pantones
  • Period Pantones




    Inspiration: Periods are many shades and colours! I came up with concept after seeing a great campaign to highlight periods, yet showed periods as being one shade of red so decided to create something to represent many colours and shades of period. I decided to name the colours after period euphemisms from all over the world, as I find it fascinating there are so many different terms to avoid saying 'Period.' I love the idea that people will see this from a distant and think it's just a nice print, then on closer inspection realise the piece is about periods and get a different perspective. 


    Details: A4 print on 310gsm Canson Infinity Rag Photographique paper (21 x 29.7 cm)

    Digital signature will be removed and I'll handsign each print


    Thank you for choosing to support me! I hope the print brings joy and intrigue! x 

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