You Don't Know What's Going On In People's Lives (child edition)
  • You Don't Know What's Going On In People's Lives (child edition)


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    Back in stock for Back2School: I'm due to get the next batch of prints posted to me 17th August, and will post as soon as I have them! But it may be up to 2 weeks UK from then and up to 7 weeks worldwide, just because I've been warned by Royal Mail that there are still big COVID delays unfortunately. Please bear with me while I try to get these out as soon as possible from my side and leave it in the hands of the post. <3


    Print details:

    Print on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm. The digital signature in the image will be removed and instead I shall hand sign each print. 


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    £35 Plus P&P


    Inspiration: A few teachers asked about a child version of The Bus Stop and here it is! I had a ridiculous amount of fun creating this one and found it really tough to get the right tone but hoping I achieved it! 


    Inspiration for the original: I would find myself in a coffee shop or a bus stop where no one would be speaking to each other, so instead I was left to wonder what was going on in everyone's quiet brains bubbling away. I also thought about how when someone is a bit rude we instantly react angrily and judge them, rather than thinking about what they might be going through that day. I see a lot of judgement and I wanted this piece to encourage more empathy, these people are all going through the highs and lows and mundanity of life and we just never know. I wanted to add sadness, cute things, boring things and a bit of humour. Also notice the print is a rainbow!