Rude Health
Things you don't See
The Bus Stop
Menopause Bingo
The Irony
Postpartum Bodies for Elvie
Get rid of the Trash
End Period Poverty Campaign Always
Hormonal Rollercoaster
Pro Life?
Self Care, Darling, Self Care
Amnesty T Shirt Design
Periods Are Political Cover
Yoga Is For Every Body
Driving Ban Lifted For Saudi Women
Period Euphemisms
Repeal the 8th
Stylist Live Mural For Freda
Bush Topiary
Sex is so much more than PIV
Fashion Series
Fashion Series
Earth Day Illustration
Freda Comic Strip Campaign
Freda Manifesto
Free Periods
Film Branding - 'Bloody Activist'
Bloody Good Period Illustration
Tits and Tats Event Illustration
Vaginas Blog Post Illustration
Tits and Tats Event Illustration
John Cleese
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